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I purchased a blue and a yellow insect sticky trap card at the Australian Orchid Conference a few weeks back at a cost of $1 each. I have had the traps hanging in my shade house for about four weeks now. The traps now have many flies and bugs attached. The traps seem to be very effective, although I am not sure what all the flies and bugs are or if they are doing any damage to my plants. (The yellow card has been more effective than the blue card.)

If you would like to try them, here is the information about them.

Blue sticky trap for Thrip and Leafminder (Brilliant blue colour attractant)
Yellow sticky trap For Aphids, Whitefly and other flying insects
Price Approximate $1 each plus freight
Available from Bugs for Bugs
Integrated Pest Management
Bowen St
Mundubbra, Qld 4626
Phone - 4165 4663
Web - www.bugsforbugs.com.au

  Graham Walker


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