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Here are some examples of some of my orchid flowers I have scanned.  Most of these orchids are not prize winning orchids, but as you can see, the scans are generally very good.  Have a look at how I produced these images.

Ctna. Why Not x self - Click to Enlarge Ctna. Why Not x self

Enlarged Image = 45Kbytes
Not the best scan ever, but is an example of the problems you can experience when scanning dark flowers.   (One of my earlier scans.)

Den. (Autumn Show x Pink Dazzler) x Self - Click to Enlarge Den. (Autumn Show x Pink Dazzler) x Self

Enlarged Image = 26Kbytes
Not too bad a scan showing multiple flowers, but should have been scanned at a much higher DPI to show more detail.  (One of my earlier scans.)

Phrag. Calurum - Click to Enlarge Phrag. Calurum

Enlarged Image = 314Kbytes
An extremely large image, but shows extreme detail of the flower and demonstrates just how much detail is possible.  Well worth the wait to display this image.

Sngl. longifolia - Click to Enlarge Sngl. longifolia

Enlarged Image = 16Kbytes
Not a bad scan of a very pretty and tiny flower.  Pity I didn't scan at a higher DPI to give a larger more detailed image.

Paph. Leeanum - Click to Enlarge Paph. Leeanum

Enlarged Image = 189Kbytes
Some graininess starting in the dark parts of the flower caused when lightening this scan, but still quite a good scan showing a lot of detail.  Not the best flower ever, but quite a good scan.

Paph. Memoria Bill Farquharson - Click to Enlarge Paph. Memoria Bill Farquharson

Enlarged Image = 267Kbytes
Not a bad scan showing a lot of detail, but starting to show a fair but of graininess due to lightening the image.



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