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For web pages of the various Queensland Orchid Societies, please use the links on the orchid society page.

For Orchid Nursery web sites, please use the links on the Orchid Nursery page.


Below are some links to some orchid resources on the web. I have concentrated on Australasian sites, but there are many more excellent sites available.

Orchids Australia - Magazine of the Australian Orchid Council
Visit the Royal Horticultural Society for the latest in orchid registration.  You can look up the parentage of any registered orchid, or look up the registered name of any orchid cross.
The Australian Native Orchid Society
Complete list of orchid genus, intergeneric hybrids and their abbreviations
Barry's Orchid Page - Contains information on how to flask at home
Papua New Guinea Orchid News - An extensive site on orchids of Papua New Guinea including genus and species descriptions, orchid photos and line drawings and lots of other information on orchids.
Jims Paphs Page - Lots of photos of quality Paphiopedilums including recent winners of TAPS Paph of the year.
Orchidaceous Books has an extensive range of new and used books covering all subjects about and related to orchids.
Orchids Online has heaps of orchid photos plus orchid auctions plus heaps of links to everything to do with orchids.


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