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Here are some articles from recent newsletters. These articles cover many aspects about orchids and growing orchids.

Orchid Culture

Equitant (Tolumnia) Oncidiums

Mini-Cattleyas and why you should grow them.

Cultivation of Sarcochilus - Sarcanthinae

Cultivation of Phalaenopsis

Paphiopedilum Culture.  What Paph should I grow and how should I grow it.

Growing Paphiopedilum My Way.  How one member grows his Paphiopedilums.

Orchids that attack, the strange Catasetum genus.

Growing Phalaenopsis, the easy way.

Growing the Austrailian Native Den. teretifolium.

Growing Australian Native Cool-Growing Dendrobiums by Cedarvale Orchids

Growing Oncidium sphacelatum.

Growing Isochilus linearis.

Growing Stanhopea.


Flasking Orchids.  Can I flask my own orchids?   Find out here.

Taking Seedlings out of Flask

Another method of deflasking.

Growing Orchids from Seed.  Can I grow orchids from seed?  How do I do it?  Should I do it?  Find out here.


Orchid Nomenclature.  What do the various parts of an orchid name mean?  What can I learn about an orchid just from the name?  Find out in this article.

Record Keeping.  What records should I keep?

Labelling  - Get it right!  How to get the most from your orchid labels.

Paphiopedilum Competition Classes - The different Paph classes used in BOS competion.

Dendrobium Beetles (Stethopachys formosa)

Scanning Orchid Flowers, an alternative to photographs.

Get some ideas on how you might improve your shadehouse.

Catch the insects in your shadehouse with bug traps.

What should I look for in a digital camera to photograph my orchids.



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