2018 Annual Charity Show

Cattleya exhibition predominantly mauve
Haase K&S Rlc. Caricia en Paraiso First
Brown Barry C. Dal’s Choice Second
Cattleya exhibition any other colour including white
Pittaway H & Donnelly M Rlc. Chief Journey ‘First Choice’ First
Haase K&S Rlc. Swan’s Sundance Second
Haase K&S Blc. Polch Jayon ‘White Dove’ Third
Cattleya mini up to 60mm
Chessher R Ctt. Topaz Halo First
Cattleya mini 60mm to 90mm
Haase K&S C. Elusive Dream First
Cook B&B Bc. Hawaii Stars ‘Hsinying’ Second
Chessher R Rlc. Village Chief North ‘Green Genius’ Third
Cattleya any other type
McKenzie J C. Elisabeth Calon First
Brown B C. Caudabec Second
Van Bael L Sgr. Yokosuka Story Third
Cattleya cluster minimum 5 blooms on inflorescence
Chandler R Gc. Little Susie ‘Orchidglen’ First
Walker E Blc. Yellow Bird Second
Brown B C. Caudabec x Lc. Roy Finley Third
Dendrobium phalaenanthae type, mauve or purple
Walker E Den. Dal’s Delux First
Haase K&S Den. (Autumn Show x Dal’s Diamond) x Burbank Candy Second
Haase K&S Den. (Dal’s Beauty x Dal’s Pixie) Third
Dendrobium phalaenanthae type, any other colour
Haase K&S Den. Barribui’s ‘Big Card’ First
McCallum P Den. Enobi ‘Purple Stripe’ Second
Walker E Den. White Dove Third
Dendrobium phalaenanthae type, under 60mm
Walker E Den. Swan’s Regent First
Haase K&S Den. Asternova Snow Flake Second
Haase K&S Den. EDOS 50 Years Third
Dendrobium hybrid any other type
Mogg D Den. Chao Praya Fragrance First
Haase K&S Den. Taurus x canaliculatum Second
Cleal D Den. White Grace Third
Australian native Den. biggibum
Haase K&S Den. biggibum var. superbum First
Haase K&S Den. biggibum Second
McIlwain R Den. biggibum Third
Australian native other than Den. biggibum
Van Bael L Den. Antennatum First
Chandler R V. hindsii Second
Chandler R Spa. plicata Third
Australian native hybrid
Haase K&S Den. Fantasy Land ‘Princess’ First
Haase K&S Den. Fantasy Land ‘Princess’ Second
Haase K&S Den. Topaz Dream x dicuphum Third
Paphiopedilum primary hybrid
Tierney M Paph. Fanaticum First
Tierney M Paph. Rodney Wilcox Jones x haynaldianum x glaucophyllum Second
Barker C&H Paph. Maudiae ‘Magnificum’ Third
Paphiopedilum hybrid
Tierney M Paph. Spiderman First
Paphiopedilum Species
Tierney M Paph. glaucophyllum First
Tierney M Paph. moquetteanum Second
Wong H Paph. spicerianum Third
Phalaenopsis hybrid any colour
Van Bael L Phal. Unknown First
Van Bael L Phal. Unknown Second
Van Bael L Phal. Unknown Third
Oncidium alliance hybrids
Haase K&S Brsdm. (Golden Gamine x White Knight) First
Haase K&S Onc. Sweet Sugar ‘No. 1’ Second
Sue M&B Mtdn. Sunset Gold x Milt. Goodale Moir ‘Yellow Wonder’ Third
Vandaceous alliance hybrid up to 50mm
Billiau M V. Somsri Nugget ‘Canary Yellow’ First
Chandler R V. Su-Fun Beauty Second
Chandler R Van. Pine Rivers Third
Vandaceous alliance hybrid over 50mm
Billiau M V. Narangba’s Best ‘Brighton’ First
Mogg D V. Thonglorsand x (Pimchai Beauty x Lenavat) Second
Billiau M V. (Sunstate’s Yellow Sand x Fuchs Gold) Third
Any other genera hybrid inc Epi cut flowers
Vickers L&H Cyc. (barthorium x Golden Showers) First
Tierney M Epi. Crown of Fire ‘Best Dark Red’ Second
Sue M&B Bulb. Rita Lai Third
Species sympodial
McKenzie J C. perinii First
Appleyard M L. anceps Second
Wong H Iso. linearis Third
Species monopodial
Mogg D Aer. quinquevulnera var. calayong First
Tierney M Phal. bellina Second
Haase K&S Phal. pulcherrima Third
Species terrestrial
Sue M&B Hab. rhodochella First
Novice hybrid BOS members only
Crosley S Fdk. After Dark ‘Condor’ First
Halliday M Phal. Chienlung Sunshine Second
Bendall B Ctt. Portia ‘Coerulea’ Third
Intermediate species BOS members only
Soriano A&C Psh. cochleata First
DiPasquale S Den. biggibum ‘Pale Pink’ Second
Soriano A&C Orpha. radiens Third
Intermediate hybrid BOS members only
Barton P&B Den. Mitzuavo White First
Di Pasquale C. Memoria Ralph Yagi Second
Cusak K Blc. George King ‘Serendipity’ Third
Corsage any type
Addison S Floral Art Open Corsage First
Addison S Floral Art Open Corsage Second
Decorative arrangement
Addison S Floral Art In The Round First
Chandler R Floral Art In The Round Second
Display by an orchid society
John Oxley Orchid Society First
Logan and District Orchid Society Second
Barker C&H Phrag. Noirmont First
Chandler R Phrag. Unknown Second
Barker C&H Phrag calurum Third
Grand Champion
Mogg D Aer. quinquevulnera var. calayong
Reserve Champion
Tierney M Paph. Spiderman
Champion Species / Native Species
Mogg D Aer. quinquevulnera var. calayong
Champion Cattleya
Haase K&S Rlc. Caricia en Paraiso
Champion Dendrobium
Mogg D Den. Chao Praya ‘Fragrance’
Champion all other genera
Tierney M Paph. Spiderman
Champion Novice
Crosley S Fdk. After Dark ‘Condor’
Champion Intermediate
Barton P&B Den. Mitzuavo White