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As it was our 30th show, a photo board was prepared documenting our shows over the years.

This is a copy from the photoboard on display at the show, for those who didn't attend.

Courtesy of Phyl Cotton and Joan Zupp

The Brisbane Orchid Society was founded in 1963. For the first 10 years, the members participated in the Qld Orchid Society (QOS) Spring and Autumn Shows. BOS won the shield, after winning the society display section three times in a row. Then, a keen and dedicated bunch of members held their 1st show in 1973 at Zupps Motors Showrooms, Mt Gravatt. Their decision to make it a charity show has carried through to the present day. The 1st show was in aid of the Asthma Foundation, where $670 was donated, being ? of the total profit. The 2nd show was for the Training and Placement Division of the Blind, where ? of the profit was again donated, this time the amount was $700. (See newspaper clipping of Joan Zupp preparing for the show.) The 3rd show donated ? of the profits to the School for the Deaf, ($1700) whom we are still supporting. The donations have increased steadily over the years. The total figure now is over $60,000.

Donations of good quality trophies from local businesses and members gave the BOS Show a good reputation amongst growers and other societies. The trophies included crystal, books etc. Some of these businesses and members are still donating annually.

The show was held at Zupps for approximately 11 years. During that time, car yards were not permitted to open on Saturday afternoons, and were subject to large fines if they did. Some Salesmen found it hard to resist the temptation to come to the show and look for prospective buyers!

The Parents' and Citizens' Committee and staff from the School for the Deaf were great helpers, serving teas from a caravan. Tables and chairs were set up on the footpath outside under bright beach umbrellas. This gave the show a carnival-like atmosphere. Colourful signs tied around posts on the footpath drew attention to the show. To assist with promotion, orchid corsages were presented to the female Television newsreaders, and buttonholes were worn by the men.

Official openings were conducted by well-known identities, such as cricketer Greg Chappell, Sir David Longland, Actress Hazel Phillips, and Dr Peter Grant O.B.E., R.F.D., E.D. (present patron.) In those days the crowds were large and they waited in the queue for a long time, often in the rain. This eventually meant a shift to the Deaf School at Buranda to accommodate the large number of visitors. Now of course, the home for our show is the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds, a most successful venue.

Phyl relates that the members assisting found it hard going at times, but the end results to aid the Society and charities, made it all worthwhile. It gave them a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and helped to make many lasting friendships.

Edited by Regina Chandler

Postscript : Zupps Motors are still our major sponsors. We thank them for their longstanding support.


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