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Have a look at the results from our show.

Don't forget our sponsors and support them for sponsoring our show.

2012 Show Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for their support. Please support our sponsors so that they can continue to support our show.

Business Sponsors

TyTags Australia
Unit 2, 10 Kam Close
Morisset Industrial Park
02 4970 5842
supplier of printers, labels, tags and signage printing solutions to the horticultural industry


 Seasol International Seasol International
1027 Mountain Highway
03 9729 6511
 Supplier of quality fertalisers such as Seasol and Powerfeed
Neutrog Fertilisers
Mines Road
SA 5252
08 8538 5077
Supplier of premium high quality fertilisers
Southside Sport & Community Club Southside Sport & Community Club
76 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd,
Upper Mt Gravatt Qld 4122
07 3219 1103
 Your local community club
Cedarvale Orchids Cedarvale Orchids
16 Heather-Anne Dr, Draper
07 3289 1953
Specialise in cool growing Australian Natives & Hybrids
Aranbeem Orchids


Aranbeem Orchids
Priests Rd,
Deception Bay
07 3888 3637
Retail Orchid Nursery selling a wide range of orchids and orchid supplies
Oz Orchids Oz Orchids
1729 Wynnum Rd,
07 3390 7197 
Wholesale Orchid Nursery, with retail sales.
Windemere Bromeliads and Orchids Windemere Bromelaid and Orchid Nursery
Tamborine Village,
07 5543 8814
Bromeliad, Orchid, Flask and Accessories
Newstar Service Centre Newstar Service Centre
Corner of Newnham and Broadwater Roads
3349 7838
For all your car servicing needs
Rolin Farms Rolan Farms Specialising in species as well as having a large selection of hybrid Vandas and Cattleyas


Private Sponsors

B & R Chandler H Jones
J Chandler B Moloney
K & M Cooper H Pittaway
G & M Corbin L & H Vickers
S & W Cox D & S Watson
J Griffin J Zupp
M Holzkorn Phil Reeves MP
Member for Mansfield

Special thanks to 

Windemere Bromeliads and Orchids

for their display at our show. Fame Orchids also provided orchids for sale.  Many thanks for your continued support.

Fame Orchids Nursery

Also thanks to our stall vendors

Windemere Bromeliads and Orchids

2012 Show Results

Class Orchid Winner
Champion Orchid of the Show Paph. Transvaal 'No3' J & M McCubbin

Paph. Transvaal 'No3'

Reserve Champion Orchid of the Show Dtps. I-Hsin Actor M Stewart

Dtps. I-Hsin Actor

Champion Species Including Native Species Cirrhopetalum rothschildianum 'Wild Fire' L Vickers

Cirrhopetalum rothschildianum

Champion Dendrobium Den. Pearl Vera 'White Pointer' D Cleal

Den. Pearl Vera 'White Pointer'

Champion Specimen Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' B & B Cook

Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'

Champion Novice Den. Unknown S Kann

Den. Unknown

Best Cattleya Entry by a B.O.S. Member Rth. Free Spirit 'H & R' K & S Hasse

Rth. Free Spirit 'H & R'


Place Orchid Winner 1st Place Photo
Cattleya Exhibition Predominantly Mauve C. Inez Okimoto x Curtsy 'Snowy'
First C. Inez Okimoto x Curtsy 'Snowy' K & S Hasse
Second C. Angelwalker (4n) x Lc. Bonanza Queen 'Panamint' G & D Gressell
Third C. Esbetts 'Diane' x Lc. Bonanza Queen 'Panamint' x Rlc. California Girl 'Orchid Library' G & D Gressell
Cattleya Exhibition Any Other Colour incl. White Rlc. Dal's Grace 'Jilly'
First Rlc. Dal's Grace 'Jilly' B Lane
Second Rlc. Yen Twentyfour Carat G & D Gressell
Third C. Unknown T Cook
Cattleya Mini up to 60mm C. Dream Catcher
First C. Dream Catcher G & D Gressell
Second C. Lulu 'Southern Cross' x Grt. Why Not 'Lea' G Drewett
Third Ctt. Double Trouble I Kidd
Cattleya Mini over 60mm up to 90 mm Rth. Free Spirit 'H & R'
First Rth. Free Spirit 'H & R' K & S Hasse
Second Rly. Maili's Surprise 'Hisaka' x Rlc. Love Call 'H & R' G & D Gressell
Third Lc. Mini Purple 'Nicole' B Lane
Cattleya Any Other Type C. Unknown
First C. Unknown T Cook
Second C. Unknown J & M Morley
Third B. Little Stars x C. aurantiaca J & M Morley
Cattleya Cluster Type Ctt. Portia 'Cannizarro'
First Ctt. Portia 'Cannizarro' R & M Illingworth
Second Bc. Yellow Bird G Drewett
Third Rby. Golden Tang G Drewett
Dendrobium Hybrids Phalaenanthe Type Den. Barrabui's Wonderful x (Dal's Stunner x Dal's Dream)
First Den. Barrabui's Wonderful x (Dal's Stunner x Dal's Dream) K & S Hasse
Second Den. Burana Stripe x White Pansy T Cook
Third Den. Dal's Pennies x (Dal's Stunner x Pitah 'Clifton') T Cook
Dendrobium Hybrids Any Other Type Den. Miss Singapore x Uniwai Royale
First Den. Miss Singapore x Uniwai Royale D Cleal
Second Den. Alice's Rainbow G & D Gressell
Third Den. Fraser's Canary Twister D Cleal
Australian Native Den. bigibbum Den. Burbank Sweet
First Den. Burbank Sweet
Second Dendrobium bigibbum 'Alba' R McIlwain
Third Dendrobium bigibbum 'Brian' D Cleal
Australian Native Other than Den. bigibbum Spathoglottis plicata
First Spathoglottis plicata B & R Chandler
Second Spathoglottis plicata B & R Chandler
Australian Native Hybrid Den. Pearl Vera 'White Pointer'
First Den. Pearl Vera 'White Pointer' D Cleal
Second Den. Topaz Dream 'Sweet' D Cleal
Third Den. Topaz Dream 'Sweet'
Paphiopedilum Primary Hybrid Paph. Transvaal 'No3'
First Paph. Transvaal 'No3' J & M McCubbin
Second Paph. Transvaal 'Celenthe' L Vickers
Third Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' J & M McCubbin
Paphiopedilum Hybrid other than Primary Paph. Supersuk 'Giant'
First Paph. Supersuk 'Giant' L Vickers
Second Paph. Alma Gevaert 'Madame Maurice Mertens' AM-RHS J & M McCubbin
Third Paphiopedilum insigne var. albomarginatum x Green Hood B & R Chandler
Phalaenopsis Hybrid Any Colour Dtps. I-Hsin Actor
First Dtps. I-Hsin Actor M Stewart
Second Phal. Joseph Hampton B & R Chandler
Vandaceous Hybrid incl. Vanda & Ascda over 50mm V. Robert's Delight 'Intaya Blue'
First V. Robert's Delight 'Intaya Blue' A Bergstrum
Second V. Robert's Delight 'Pink' A Bergstrum
Third Ascda. (Kenny Gold x Udomsuk) x V. suavis var. tricolor J & M Morley
Oncidium Alliance Hybrid Onc. Sharry Baby
First Onc. Sharry Baby B & B Cook
Second Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' B & B Cook
Third Brat. Aztec x Milt. Castanea B & B Cook
Reed Stem Epidendrum cut flower Epi. Orange Glow
First Epi. Orange Glow B & R Chandler
Second Epi. Topaz 'Butter Ball' B & R Chandler
Third Epidendrum imatophyllum B & R Chandler
Any other Genera Hybrid Z. Titanic
First Z. Titanic R McIlwain
Second Bulb. Wilmar Galaxy Star R & M Illingworth
Third Phrag. Calurum B & R Chandler
Species Sympodial Cirrhopetalum rothschildianum
First Cirrhopetalum rothschildianum L Vickers
Second Bulbophyllum aff. Grandiflorum B & R Chandler
Third Ornithophora radicans G Bryant
Species Monopodial Doritis pulcherrima
First Doritis pulcherrima 'Red' R & M Illingworth
Second Neofinetia falcata R McIlwain
Third Aerides lawrenceae 'Michelle' B & R Chandler
Species Terrestrial Paphiopedilum charlesworthii
First Paphiopedilum charlesworthii J & M McCubbin
Second Paphiopedilum henryanum J & M McCubbin
Third Paphiopedilum tonsum J & M McCubbin
Group of 3 orchids of distinct different genera Group of 3 orchids of distinct different genera
First B & B Cook
Second M Sue
Third B & R Chandler
Display of 6 orchids by a single grower Display of 6 orchids by a single grower
First M Sue
Second B & R Chandler
Display by an Orchid Society Display of 6 orchids by a single grower
First John Oxley & District Orchid Society
Second Logan & District Orchid Society
Novice Species Cattleya bowringiana var. coerulea 'Menuhune'
First Cattleya bowringiana var. coerulea 'Menuhune' H Pittaway & M Donnelly
Second Laelia anceps H Pittaway & M Donnelly
Novice Hybrid Den. Unknown
First Den. Unknown S Kann
Second Rlc. California Girl H Pittaway & M Donnelly
Third V. Natchaya Beauty S Kann
Open Decorative Arrangement - Orchids & Driftwood Open Decorative Arrangement - Orchids & Driftwood
First B & R Chandler
Second B & R Chandler

All photos of 2012 Show by Graham Corbin


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