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Have a look at the results from our show.

Don't forget our sponsors and support them for sponsoring our show.

2014 Show Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for their support. Please support our sponsors so that they can continue to support our show.

Business Sponsors

Brisbane City Council
Lord Mayors Initiative Fund
Ian Kaye MP Member for Greenslopes
Organic Crop Protectants Makers of Eco Oil
Seasol International Seasol International
1027 Mountain Highway
03 9729 6511
 Supplier of quality fertalisers such as Seasol and Powerfeed
Neutrog Fertilisers
Mines Road
SA 5252
08 8538 5077
Supplier of premium high quality fertilisers
Southside Sport & Community Club Southside Sport & Community Club
76 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd,
Upper Mt Gravatt Qld 4122
07 3219 1103
 Your local community club
Cedarvale Orchids Cedarvale Orchids
16 Heather-Anne Dr, Draper
07 3289 1953
Specialise in cool growing Australian Natives & Hybrids
PETER'S GLEN SHADEHOUSES Peter's Glen Shadehouses
1/132 South Pine Road,
07 3205 9378
Specialising in providing a better environment for your plants


2014 Show Results

Class Orchid Winner
Grand Champion Den. Kiilani Stripe K&S Haase
Reserve Champion Rhynchostylis coelestis 'Udon' K&S Haase
Champion Dendrobium Den. Kiilani Stripe K&S Haase
Champion Specimen Den. Kiilani Stripe K&S Haase
Champion Novice Milt. Dennis Kleinbach 'Crowburst' H Wong
Champion Intermediate Den. Burana Stripe S Kann
Champion Species Including Native Species Rhynchostylis coelestis 'Udon' K&S Haase
Best Cattleya by a B.O.S. Member Rlc. Glenn Maidment 'Southern Cross' K&S Haase
Place Orchid Winner
Cattleya Exhibition Predominantly Mauve
First Rlc. Island Charm 'Camella' K&S Haase
Second Rlc. Dandas 'Sunnybank' K&S Haase
Third C. Unknown T Cook
Cattleya Exhibition Any Other Colour incl. White
First Rlc. Glenn Maidment 'Southern Cross' K&S Haase
Second Lc. Angel Love 'Liana' K&S Haase
Third Rlc. Glenn Maidment 'Southern Cross' K&S Haase
Cattleya Mini up to 60mm
First C. Dal's Good One 'Tanelle' HCC/AOC K&S Haase
Cattleya Mini over 60mm up to 90 mm
First Rth. Rosella Reward K&S Haase
Second Lc. Angel Love 'Liana' K&S Haase
Cattleya Any Other Type
First C. Heloise J&M Morley
Second Bc. Topaz Blossum B&R Chandler
Third C. Heloise J&M Morley
Cattleya Cluster Type
First Lnt. Splendid Bow B&R Chandler
Second Bc. Topaz Blossum H Wong
Third Bc. Little Suzie 'Orchidglen' B&R Chandler
Dendrobium Hybrids Phalaenanthe Any Other
First Den. (Dal's Pixie x Dal's Pride 'Algester') x (Dazzler 'Bette' x Burana Stripe) K&S Haase
Second Den. (Dal's Delux x Dal's Appeal) 'Purple' x 'Perfect' K&S Haase
Third Den. Barrabui's Big Candy K&S Haase
Dendrobium Hybrids Any Other Type
First Den. Memoria Kip McKillop x Mighty Mite B&R Chandler
Second Den. Yashiga Fantasy T Cook
Third Den. Juleen High R McIlwain
Australian Native Den. bigibbum
First Dendrobium bigibbum 'Samford Good Guy' x 'Samford Celebration' B Mayger
Second Dendrobium bigibbum var. superbum K&S Haase
Third Dendrobium bigibbum var. superbum K&S Haase
Australian Native Other than Den. bigibbum
First Bulbophyllum bracteatum R McIlwain
Australian Native Hybrid
First Den. Fantasy Land 'Princess' K&S Haase
Second Den. Cherry Dance 'Chao Praya' K&S Haase
Paphiopedilum Hybrid other than Primary
First Paph. Redstar x Warden H Wong
Phalaenopsis Hybrid Any Colour
First Phal. Timothy Christopher x tetraspis M&B Sue
Second Phal. Tzu Chiang Senrima H Wong
Third Phal. Brother Love Goofy x Donsan Redfire M&B Sue
Vandaceous Hybrid incl. Vanda & Ascda up to 50mm
First V. Su-Fun Beauty H Wong
Second Van. Lou Sneary 'Tokyo' K&S Haase
Third Van. Pine Rivers K&S Haase
Vandaceous Hybrid incl. Vanda & Ascda over 50mm
First V. (Kenny Gold x Udomsuk) xx suavis var. tricolor J&M Morley
Second Pda. Chao Praya Delight B&R Chandler
Third V. Karulea x Marissa's Magic K&S Haase
Oncidium Alliance Hybrid
First Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Angel' T Cook
Second Onc. Sharry Baby A Harvey
Third Alcra. Pacific Nova 'Butter Buds' B&B Cook
Any other Genera Hybrid
First Cyc. Golden Showers x barthiorum H Wong
Second Bulb. Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' B&R Chandler
Third Cym. Alice Williams A Harvey
Species Sympodial
First Coelogyne ovalis B&R Chandler
Second Neofinetia falcata K&S Haase
Third Guarianthe bowringiana J&M Morley
Species Monopodial
First Rhynchostylis coelestis K&S Haase
Second Phalaenopsis appendiculata B Moloney
Novice Hybrid
First Milt. Dennis Kleinbach 'Crowburst' H Wong
Second Bro. Seagulls Jamaica H Wong
Third Rlc. Aussie Sunray T'nt H Wong
Intermediate Hybrid
First Den. Burana Stripe S Kann
Second Den. Superbiens S Kann
Third Rlc. Glenn Maidment 'Southern Cross' H Pittaway & M Donnelly
Novice Decorative Arrangement
H Wong
H Wong
H Wong
Open Corsage - Any type - including Wrist Corsage
S Adamson
Open Decorative Arrangement
S Adamson
Group of 3 orchids of distinctly different genera
K&S Haase
K&S Haase
B&B Cook
Display of 6 orchids by a single grower
B Moloney & H Wong
M&B Sue
C&M Gill
Display by an Orchid Society
Logan & District Orchid Society
John Oxley Orchid Society
Dendrobium Hybrids Phalaenanthe White & Bicolour
First Den. Tanida Two-Tone K&S Haase
Second Den. Bobby White x Burana White K&S Haase
Third Den. Dal's Stunner x Le-Lo-Lai T Cook
Dendrobium Hybrids Phalaenanthe Stripes
First Den. Kiilani Stripe K&S Haase
Second Den. Chao Praya Candy x Dal's Praise K&S Haase
Third Den. Burana Round R McIlwain


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