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The BOS web site is being frequently updated as you can see below.  In addition, the orchid shows in Queensland and northern New South Wales and orchid conferences are continually being updated (every couple of weeks) but are not listed below.

22 May 2014
Added BOS 2014 Show Results
2 June 2013
Added BOS 2013 Show Results
25 September 2012
Added BOS 2012 Show Results & Photos
28 April 2011
Added BOS 2011 Show Results & Photos
24 June 2010
Added BOS 2010 Show Results & Photos
26 April 2009
Added BOS 2009 Show Results & Photos
25 April 2008
Added BOS 2008 Show Photos
20 April 2008
Added BOS 2008 Show results
12 January 2008
Updated society contacts from 2008 QOS calendar
Added shows from 2008 QOS calendar
26 April 2007
Added BOS 2007 Show results photos
23 April 2007
Added BOS 2007 Show results
3 May 2006
Added photos of eggs and larvae to Dendrobium Beetle article.
27 April 2006
Added 2006 show photos
22 April 2006
Added 2006 show results
10 March 2006
BOS website moved to a bigger better premises
10 March 2006
Added article on another method of deflasking.
18 February 2006
Added new nursery Cattleyas Online
2 December 2005
Added article on Growing Orchids from Seed
Added Peters Glen Shade Houses website details
28 April 2005
Added BOS 2005 show results
31st January 2005
Added nursery websites for Australian Orchid Nursery.
26th August 2004
Added new nursery website for Brighton Orchid Nursery
13th August 2004
Added upcoming Orchid Conferences
11th June 2004
Added new nursery website for Dendi Orchids
Updated nursery website address for Valley Orchids
26th April 2004
Added results for BOS 2004 show
6th February 2004
Added article on growing Isochilus linearis.
Added article on growing Stanhopea.
Added orchid shows for 2004
Updated orchid society contacts for 2004.
9th January 2004
Due to the interest shown in this article on Digital Cameras, I have expanded this article to include more detail on existing items plus discussions on video mode, ring flashes, batteries, memory and some links for further information.
3rd December 2003
Added a link to the new Cedarvale Orchids website.
Added example photos  and camera list to article on digital cameras.
22nd November 2003
Added a link to Nathan Rae's excellent site on scanning orchid flowers.
Added article on the culture of Australian Native Cool-Growing Dendrobiums by Cedarvale Orchids
Added article on growing Oncidium sphacelatum.
Added article on Shadehouse Ideas
Added article on bug traps
Added article on digital cameras.
3rd July 2003
Added article 'Growing Paphiopedilums My Way'
Added article 'Labelling  - Get it right!'
Added article 'Paphiopedilum Competition Classes'
Added short history of BOS text from our 2003 show photo board.
Added link to Robertson Orchid new web site.
Added new nursery Keri-Lyn Nursery
Added Warner Rd Nursery who make the Orchid Bark from Sunshine Nursery.
18th April 2003
Added 2003 BOS show results and photos
24th January 2003
Included Orchid Services on the Orchid Nurseries page.
5th January 2003
Added newsletter article Growing Phalaenopsis the easy way.
Growing the Australian Native Den. teretifolium
13th September 2002
Added newsletter article Paphiopedulum Culture
Added Rosella Orchids to the Nursery page, removed Sunshine Orchids (now closed) and removed contact details of Taylor Made, as they are A.W.O.L.
21st July 2002
Added newsetter article Orchids that attack, the strange Catasetum genus.
14th June 2002
Added Australian orchid nurseries on the web outside South East Queensland
Added link to orchids online
3rd June 2002
Reorganised to make navigation easier.
Added a Site Map to make it even easier to navigate.
Added photos of false virus symptoms to virus page.
Removed Virus Testing contact details as UQ no longer provides this service.
Managed to squeeze in the 2000 BOS show results after being removed last month due to lack of space.
25th April 2002
Added BOS 2002 Show results.  Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, I had to delete the results and photos from the 1999 and 2000 BOS shows.
1st April 2002
Added article on Phalaenopsis Culture
Added BOS membership form
6th March 2002
Added the complete years calendar of orchid shows in Queensland.
1st February 2002
Added link to the new site Orchidaceous books.
18th December 2001
Added Cultivation of Sarcochilus - Sarcanthinae
Updated University of Queensland Virus testing contact details
Added a link to the RHS orchid registration database
Updated several Orchid Society contact details including web addresses and e-mail addresses
31st October 2001
Updated Orchid Nomenclature Article
(Added ICBN rank & Ploidy, updated abbreviations)
Updated Orchid Virus Article
(Added Rhabdovirus photos)
Updated Flasking Orchids Article
(Included details of fertiliser strength)s
18th October 2001
Added Dendrobium Beetle Article
31st July 2001
Added Record Keeping Article
29th May 2001
Added Mini-Cattleya Article


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